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Some men hunt for sport, others hunt for food
The only thing I’m hunting for, is an outfit that looks good
See my vest, see my vest, made from real gorilla chest
See this sweater, there’s no better than authentic ivory setter
See this hat ‘twas my cat, my eveningwear vampire bat
These white slippers are albino african endangered rhino
Grizzly bear underwear, turtles necks I’ve got my share
Beret of poodle, on my noodle it shall rest
Try my red robbin suit, it comes one breast or two
see my vest, see my vest, see my vest
Like my loafers, former goafers,
it was that or skin my chauffeurs
but a greyhound for tuxedo would be best
so let’s prepare these dogs -kill two for matching clogs
see my vest, see my vest, oh please won’t you see my vest
I really like the vest.

Disclaimer: Notera att jag härmed inte tar ställning för djurplågeri, det är bara en dum sång från simpsons jag verkligen inte kan få ur huvudet.


Written by Bitchslap Barbie

14 november 2008 den 20:12

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